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 Terms of service

Terms of service

Image Terms of Use

1. Scope of useof images 

① With the purchased image, a business operator or individual can repeatedly and permanently use it for their own advertisement, and an

 advertising agency or online advertising agency can create and

 deliver their own advertisements and advertisements repeatedly and permanently to clients .

② Video media: PR video, cable TV advertisement, subway video advertisement

③ Print: business card sticker leaflet, menu, poster, postcard, card, gift certificate, leaflet, pamphlet, booklet, letter, catalog, envelope

 Brochure DM New Year's card Christmas card Shopping bag Lottery

④ Outdoor advertisement: signboard, banner, menu, banner, POP, outdoor installation, vehicle wrapping, blind advertisement, roll screen, hanging stick, XY banner

 LCD Signage Ad Balloon Window Sign Bus Advertisement Taxi Advertisement Subway Advertisement Transportation Facilities Advertisement Propaganda Tower Wide Color Skydancer Air Arch

⑤ Sign: Horizontal signboard Vertical signboard Protruding signboard Moving signboard Rooftop signboard Indoor signboard Posting signboard Air signboard

⑥ Menu board: Frame-type menu board Foldable Menu Board Booklet Menu Board Signboard Menu Board Banner Menu Board

⑦ Publication: Photobook Newspaper Newspaper Textbook Calendar Sales Calendar Booklet Cover or Corporate Newsletter Church Newsletter Education Booklet Coupon Book Restaurant Booklet

 Books Workbooks Academic journals Reference books Academy textbooks In-flight journals Bronches

⑧ Promotional materials: Pot holders, cup holders, bottle openers, mouse pads, cups, toothpicks, T-shirts, fancy stationery, clothing, wedding invitations, gift certificates, lottery blinds

 Roll screen wallpaper Various miscellaneous goods Daily necessities Calendar diary Plastic container

⑨ Internet: Shopping mall open market Online product cover blog Cafe Social media Mobile blog Cafe Multimedia mini-homepage posting

 YouTube Portfolio Cooking Class Academy Site

⑩ Newspaper: JoongAng Newspaper, Regional Newspaper, Free Distribution Newspaper, Daily Newspaper, Online Newspaper Article

⑪ Electronic Document: e-book Distribution pdf ppt swf Digital New Year's

Card MMS ⑫ Display: Media Board Display, DID TV Refrigerator, etc. Electronic Display

⑬ Software: Program Game

⑭ Website Template Business Card Template Template Brochure Design Template Mobile Phone Tablet

⑮ Promotion:

⑯ Information Transmission: Presentation Plan

⑰ Broadcasting: Video Movies Over-the-Air TV Cable Broadcasting Home Shopping Broadcasting Accessories Subtitles Outsourcing Producer 

⑱ TV program 

2. Restrictions on use of images

① Purchased images cannot be used for the purpose of allowing the purchaser to re-use to others.

② Even if you previously purchased our image or CD, the scope of use of this Agreement

 I can't enjoy it. Only the range of use is valid within the range of use that you acquired at the time of purchase.

 All. If you would like to acquire the current scope of use of these terms and conditions, please purchase these terms of use again.

③ We may stop using the purchased image for reasons of change of circumstances, and the purchaser 

 Books you can download the images of others manually for free.

④ The image of this shopping mall may contain the rights of third parties, so be careful when using them or contact us. 

Please contact us. +82-31-768-5066 yyy1011@daum.net Inquiry text +82-10-8769-3288

⑤ With our image or embedded image, we exercise the rights that only copyright holders, such as the Intellectual Property Office or the Copyright Committee, can

 I can not.

⑥ Use other than the above is prohibited, but if you contact us for additional requests, we will review the requested range of use.

You can use it in addition to the shopping mall's image terms and conditions.

⑦ It can be used for marketing such as Facebook or social, but it is used as a means to damage the reputation of others.

 Unable to. 

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